Nanomed srl
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Nanomed srl
NANOMED s.r.l. designs and produces nanofluidic LOCs for rapid and low cost separation of biomolecules (proteins and DNA), a crucial task for high social impact applications such as:
  • Early and non invasive diagnosis of diseases
  • Genetic screening
  • Personalized medicine
Moreover, NANOMED s.r.l. offers services of nanofabrication and physical and chemical characterization of materials on a nanometer scale.
News and Events
In november 2010 Nanomed s.r.l. was selected as one of the finalists of "Nanochallenge 2010" (, an international contest for start-up companies operating in the field of nanotechnology. The event was organized by Veneto Nanotech and "Intesa San Paolo Start-Up Initiative".
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